Thursday, July 14, 2011

“We’re Lost But Making Good Time”

This is the title of Chapter One of Mario Morino’s new book, Leap of Reason.  I know that most of you don’t have the time to read a blog much less a book, but I strongly recommend it.  He makes a compelling case for the urgency, now, for nonprofits to change the way most operate.  As he states:  “Here’s the problem in a nutshell:  We don’t manage to outcomes, thus greatly diminishing our collective impact.”

“We’re Lost But Making Good Time.”  What a great chapter title – and it is fitting.  So many nonprofits are filled with dedicated, smart, and hard-working people – staff and volunteers – and yet they do not have metrics which objectively tell them how well they are accomplishing their mission.  They know they are busy – making good time – but what kind of progress are they making?  If you have attended one of my workshops or read my book you know that I make the same case of the importance of metrics to determine your Mission Impact.

Many of you reading this know who Mario Morino is – a generous philanthropist and co-founder of Venture Philanthropy Partners (, which provides funding for organizations serving the needs of children from low income families in the Washington, DC area.  So he is a person who knows of what he speaks. 

If you are someone who believes that your organization needs to do a better job establishing outcomes, then this is the book for you.  It will help you rally others to help with this and it will give you excellent resources to do the hard work of setting your outcomes.

When I checked the other day, Amazon was out of print copies, but you can buy the Kindle version for $1.00 (that’s not a typo).  Even better, it is available as an iBook or a PDF at no charge.

Full disclosure – Mr. Morino lists my book, Mission Impact:  Breakthrough Strategies for Nonprofits, as one of six “resources that address how to drive change, improve effectiveness, and achieve greatness.”  I am pleased to have my book listed along with resources by Jim Collins and John Kotter.

Get yourself a copy of Leap of Reason today and learn how your organization can make even more of a Mission Impact.

For more ideas on how you can lead breakthroughs in your organization, follow this blog and check out my web site at   You will find free resources you can download, including a Breakthrough Strategy Workbook that you can download at no cost.  You can also check out my book, Mission Impact:  Breakthrough Strategies for Nonprofits, and buy it if you are interested.  And you can follow Sheehan Nonprofit Consulting on Facebook.

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