Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Mind of a CEO

Are you a CEO or senior leader in your organization?  What’s on your mind?

My guess, with all due respect, is that there is a lot of junk in there.

Here is what I suggest should be on your mind.

1.  Future Picture.  What would the world look like if you were accomplishing your mission 100X more than you are now, and what does your organization need to look like – ideally – in order to make that happen?

2.  Goals.  What are the three most important goals that your organization needs to accomplish this year to take you toward that that Future Picture?  These one-year goals should be connected to your Five Year Strategic Stretch Goals.  (Make sure all your goals are SMART; see The Power of Goals)

3.  Action Items.  What are the five most important things that the organization has to get done during the next thirty days in order to make progress on the three goals?  These are not the five things that YOU should do, but the organization.  It’s your job to make sure that whomever is working on these Action Items is making progress.

Every Monday morning, remind yourself of #1 & #2, and make your new list of the Five Action Items.  This is what should be prominent on your mind all week.

Regularly remind your team of the Future Picture, Goals, and Action Items.

As a CEO, your challenge is to block everything else out and maintain focus on those Five Action Items.  Everything else is junk.

Your #1 job is maintaining organization FOCUS.

And FOCUS produces Mission Impact.

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