Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Delusions of Success

“We met our goals!  Look at how successful we are!!!”

Recently I gave my goal setting presentation to a great nonprofit group (Global Communities) in which I discussed the tradeoffs between Attainable, Aggressive, and Almost Impossible goals.  Some people like to set small Attainable goals so they can be successful more often.

At the break, the CEO (thanks for this David Weiss) said “You know, Rob, organizations which set small goals and think they are being successful, are sometimes deluding themselves.  If you keep setting small goals you may not be making the kind of progress you really need to make.  And then pretty soon you are irrelevant and out of business.  I have seen it happen time and again.”

Great point, David!  If we are not at least Aggressive with our goal setting then we are not pushing ourselves to be more creative and think outside the proverbial box.  Of course, setting Almost Impossible goals really makes you think outside the box and reinvent the ways in which you have been pursuing certain goals.

Check out my full article that discusses Attainable, Aggressive, and Almost Impossible goals here: The Power of Goals.

Leverage the true power of goals and watch your Mission Impact grow exponentially.  

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