Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Time to Think, Part Two: Vacations

As discussed in the last blog, finding time to think during the regular work day is important for our creativity and productivity.

But finding time for a full recharge is just as important.   And that means “unplugging” from work during vacation.

In a recent article** in The Wall Street Journal, Brian Scudamore, CEO of O2E Brands, states the following:

“I realized that unless I unplug completely on vacation, I cheat myself out of generating fresh, new, creative ideas. In the long run, business suffers from my burnout.

“I also think that if our people don’t disconnect, they end up compromising their contributions to our overall mission. More importantly, they fail at what should be their top priority: cherishing time with family and friends, and having work-life balance.”

But how to do it?  Brian has a very creative plan.  He works with his assistant to change his passwords on his email and social media accounts, and to not tell him what they are until he returns from vacation.  He has his COO cover for him while he is gone.

“The results have been revolutionary,” says Scudamore.  “I come back from vacation super-charged, rested and feeling like I gave my family and friends my best self.”

I admit that it sounds difficult and amazing that this CEO can pull this off.

But I challenge you and myself to try.  The next time I go on vacation (soon), I am going to take some baby steps.  I am going to try THREE WHOLE DAYS not checking work email.  And then I’ll just glance at it after that.  We’ll see how it goes.  Maybe I will be up for changing my passwords the next time around.

The more refreshed we are – day in and day out – and over time, the better quality we can bring to our work and make an even more significant Mission Impact.  Try a real vacation next time! 

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