Monday, February 27, 2017

Your Reservoir of Trust

A problem is going to arise and your leadership will be needed.

And people are going to need to trust you.

Will they?

How deep is your reservoir of trust?

At this moment, you better hope your reservoir is very full – especially if it is a big problem you are facing.  But there is nothing you can do now to add to it.  Building your reservoir of trust takes time.

How do you build up trust between yourself and others?

You can start by being always respectful of others and honest with them. These two things go a long way and they are, unfortunately, in short supply with a lot of people.

Honesty is more than not telling blatant lies.  It is about being open, talking straight, having candor.  Don’t “spin” or speak vaguely so others can make up interpretations of what you mean.  Especially if you have bad news – give it straight without “sugar coating.” 

You want to be someone that others can count on for the truth.

Take care in making ethical decisions.  Let people know that is your intent when you face an ethical dilemma and ask for input.  Make the best decision you can and communicate openly about it.

All of these things can help build your reservoir of trust.  It’s the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.  Someday, you are going to need people to believe that they can count on you.  You can start today by giving them reasons to think that is so.

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